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A New Direction

Posted by on May 1, 2013

Goooooooooood morrrrrrrrrrning WORLD!!!

And helllllllllllo from PANAMA!! Home to the world famous Panama Canal and I’ll let you know what else after a few weeks here!  For now, I spent last night in Panama’s second city, David, and today I’m making my way to Bocas del Toro – which every other backpacker I’ve met has told me it’s an absolute dream of a location.  The archipelago (if someone wants to Google that for me, that’d be fantastic!) of islands (that may be redundant?, but that ‘archi’ word is just a mouthful to try and say) has appeared gorgeous in all of my travel friends photos! 

Fortunately and unfortunately, one of the guys I’ve been traveling with on and off since Guatemala, Scott, has recently arrived in Colombia and was raving about Panama and especially Bocas, and he wrote me last night saying, no matter how much you love Central America and how great it is – get to Colombia ASAP!!  ….. And this is the exact sentiment that almost every other backpacker ahead of me on the ‘backpacking trail’ has said as well.  Everyone raves about Guatemala in Central America (easily my favorite country) and Colombia – which I’m sure it will live up to its hype!

Last night, after arriving in David, we wandered around the city, found an ATM and stopped into a grocery store.   Grocery shopping is one of the cooler cultural experiences anywhere you go, seeing the prices, the people and the variety of food – especially the produce, of which, half of it I do not even recognize.  The prices were unreal, $2.50 for a large box of cereal, $14 for a handle of Smirnoff, Flor de Cana Rum for $6.50 – the best rum in the entire world.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, go to your local massive liquor store and buy a bottle.  Now! Quit reading and go buy it, it’s incredible! 

Following our grocery store experience, we eventually found the Central Park and popped into a department store just for fun.  We had already fallen in love with Panama within hours, but this confirmed it.  Jeans for $15, dress pants for $12, women’s sandals for $2 to $8, dining room table and chairs for $400, underwear for $2, shirts for $3-$5, and my jaw dropped when I saw multiple pairs of nice men’s dress shoes for $16!!!  They’re $100+ at home for $16.00!!!  If you’re a big Christmas shopper, it’s literally worth your money to buy a flight to Panama with an empty suitcase, explore the country, and shop for all your loved ones at home!  Oh, and glasses frames were $2 instead of $200 at home!  Unreal!

Liraz, the Israeli I’ve been traveling with for a few days now, and I left the department store.  I purchased two street hot dogs (thank god to finally see street food again – I’ve missed it!) for $1 each, fully loaded.  Then we grabbed dinner for $3 and $4 respectively and I was beyond full.  After our hunger was quenched, we walked back to The Purple House, our hostel, in which every.single.thing. – every bit of the hostel is a shade of lavender – my sister would love it!  I caught up with some friends, read a few things online, and eventually made it to bed, but not before a little brain storming and reading a friend’s blog.

This leads me to the point of this post.  This whole time I’ve been using KGG (KyleGoesGlobal) I always had a desire to make it uber informational (still can and will), but I’d rather do it via my experiences.  I’ve been trying to make my posts more informational with advice and the glories of traveling, as opposed to just writing about my experiences, the crazy ones and the more sane ones.  I hope to share more of these in the future, I’ll work on the time that I have and try and get some fun posts up for you more often.  I’m here to entertain, to share my experiences, and this is where I’d like to head with this blog for now. 

The tablet I purchased for my trip is easily the most inefficient thing in the entire world, which massively inhibits making blog posts that are visually stunning while I’m traveling.  Thus, it also makes it a nightmare to load photos into all of my posts, as it randomly will delete them and other times will not load them at all.  I will try to incorporate photos here and there for some highlights, but while traveling it’s hard enough to find time to write, let alone add photos to the posts, and format it.  I hope to write more here and there, and I hope to provide you with a few minutes distraction and laughter on a regular basis. 

As for me now, I’m on my way to Bocas del Toro Archi-something….and a hammock between palm trees, a cocktail, a beach, and a turquoise blue sea are beckoning my name.  Happy travels and reading everyone!


One comment on “A New Direction

  1. Liam on said:

    Hey Kyle, you should try and get hold of one of those netbooks with detachable screen; you get a proper keyboard, so writing is much easier, plus you can make it a tablet when you need something easier-access. There’s at least one type where the keyboard bit also has additional hard drive space, so you can store a good number of photos etc. – I just can’t remember which make it is! :(

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